Your best guarantee of achieveing the best vision possible is by choosing a skilled surgeon who is using the most advanced technology available. Dr. George Simon is among the Bay Area’s most experienced LASIK providers, and has always chosen to offer only the best technology for his patients.

The lasers used today at LASIK Custom Vision achieve significantly better that earlier technology could not address for significantly better results and greater patient comfort than earlier systems.

The Intralase FS Laser, combined with either the VISX Star S4 or Allegretto WAVELIGHT EYE-Q excimer lasers (depending on your treatment needs), produce the best results our clinic has ever achieved, with 100% of patients able to drive without glasses! 

Intralase FS femtosecond: the most advanced blade-free technology.

The first step in the LASIK process, the flap-creation, used to be performed using a vibrating hand-held blade called a microkeratome. With the advent of the blade-free Intralase system the hand-held blade was eliminated, resulting in more accuracy and greater patient comfort.

The latest generation Intralase FS laser is the most current advancement in blade-free technology, bringing even greater accuracy and precision to this phase of the procedure. A ‘femtosecond’ is one billionth of one millionth of a second. That means the Intralase operates at inconceivable speed to form the flap without the need for cutting the tissue with a blade. The advantages in this technique are better safety, greater patient comfort and faster visual recovery.


The Most Advanced LASIK Laser, the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q.

Earlier excimer lasers achieved startling results, but night vision issues occasionally accompanied them, and their technical limitations meant that some patients could not be considered good candidates.

The Allegretto Wave Eye–Q is the most advanced excimer laser available. It means the unique characteristics that create your myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism are resolved rapidly and with the highest accuracy possible.  It is the fastest laser on the market, which means more accuracy and more comfort, with minimal side effects.  It is also the only laser that in FDA clinical studies actually improved the night vision of patients after LASIK.


The VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser, the Gold Standard of LASIK Care.

The VISX Star S4 laser has been the gold standard of LASIK care for years, and recent advancements such as ActiveTrak™ and Iris Recognition have maintained this laser system’s status at the forefront of vision correction technology.   FDA clinical studies showed that over 94% of patients treated with VISX CustomVue LASIK achieved 20/20 or better vision after their procedure.


The Best of Both.

Each laser system has it’s unique advantages, such as the Allegretto’s night-vision enhancement, and the VISX’s wide treatment range options.  By possessing both systems, Dr. Simon can use his vast experience to completely customize the best treatment plan for your vision and your lifestyle.   This is the reason why LASIK Custom Vision results are far superior than clinical studies and national averages, with over 98% of patients seeing 20/20 or better, and 100% of patients able to pass their driver’s test without glasses.

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