LASIK Custom Vision features the Bay Area’s most advanced Lasik/laser Technology for greater safety and more accurate results.

Now in its second decade, laser vision correction technology continues to evolve, providing even more accurate results, and expanding the range of eye conditions we can correct – meaning more patients are now candidates for LASIK Custom Vision than ever before!

At LASIK Custom Vision, we understand that the best technology equals your best vision, and that’s why we  have invested in BOTH the latest LASIK lasers and you’ll find them at both Bay Area locations.

Over 1 million LASIK procedures are performed annually, an impressive validation from ophthalmologists and optometrists worldwide who believe in its effectiveness. Millions of Americans are enjoying these life-enhancing benefits and millions more, just like you, are exploring the procedure that offers the opportunity of freedom through incredible vision!

Dr. Simon and his staff believe that the two principle factors in ensuring the best possible visual correction, safety and vision care of every patient are the experience of the surgeon and the LASIK technology selected for each individual procedure.  It’s Dr. Simon’s responsibility to you to select some of the most technologically advanced equipment available for your procedure.

When you decide to undergo the LASIK procedure, you want to be confident that the equipment being used on your eyes is state-of-the-art. To stay on the leading-edge of LASIK laser vision correction, Dr. Simon and his staff constantly evaluate emerging technologies that can offer our patients the best opportunity to achieve the vision that matches their lifestyle!

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q LASIK Excimer LaserThe VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser.

Why Owning Your Own Lasers Is A Factor In Choosing Your LASIK Center:

Some centers in the Bay Area offer LASIK, but to treat their patients, they have to take them to a shared surgery center where the quality and control of the LASIK laser and LASIK suites is out of their control.  This is a disadvantage because these lasers are finely tuned instruments, that are very susceptible to the slightest changes in environment, and require consistent calibration to maintain consistent performance.

With shared or co-op laser centers, you have an ever-revolving staff that uses and manipulates the lasers, thereby changing the calibration and affecting the surroundings in ways that could potentially affect your outcome.  At LASIK Custom Vision, we own all our own lasers and surgical suites, and we are the only ones who use them.  That means that the same surgeon and engineers who know these instruments and what is needed to keep them operating at their highest degree are the only ones who ever touch them, and they have years of experience calibrating and handling these machines to maximize their performance.

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