How Using Your Tax-FREE FLEX Plan for LASIK Custom Vision can Save You Money

Save over $1000 by using your Tax-FREE FLEX Plan for LASIK Custom Vision!

Flex Plans are the very best way to pay for LASIK, and an option that many people can use but few even know about. Literally thousands of companies in the Bay Area offer their employees Flex Benefit Packages or Medical Savings Accounts, but they often go underutilized or even unnoticed by employees!

The fact of the matter is, your Flex Plan or HSA is essentially a Zero Down, Zero Percent financing plan provided by your employer.  You have guaranteed approval with NO credit check, and you pay for it using pre-tax dollars, which depending on your tax bracket can save you over $1000*!

Best of all, Flex Plans are simply a tax-free way to pay for LASIK Custom Vision – If you or your spouse have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) –  you can STILL take advantage of offers such as our 0% financing for up to 24 months, and any promotions that may be happening at the time of your consultation!

Some of the benefits of using your FLEX Plan to pay for LASIK Custom Vision:

  • Your Flex Plan is recession proof – since your FLEX Plan is tied to your employment, if you lose your job for any reason, you’re still covered and won’t owe a single penny!
  • Your Flex Plan CAN be combined with other offers – It is simply a form of payment – meaning you can still take advantage of any specials or financing offers provided by LASIK Custom Vision.
  • Your Flex Plan can save you over an additional $1000 dollars! – Flex accounts save you money by decreasing the taxes you pay.  Money set aside in an FSA account is free from both federal and state taxes and Social Security tax.
  • Your Flex Plan lets you have your LASIK much sooner – Most flex plans allow you to spend the money at any time during the plan year — before the full amount ever accumulates in the account!  You decide during the enrollment period how much to set aside for LASIK, and then you can use it all at the beginning of the plan year (usually in January).

Important Note:   You MUST make sure you are a medical candidate for LASIK Custom Vision BEFORE you decide to set aside any money in your plan, as those funds are “Use It or Lose It.”  FLEX Plan enrollment for 2016 is currently underway for most California companies, so schedule your FREE LASIK CUSTOM VISION Flex Consultation today, then contact your HR department to learn how to enroll!

Final Note:  Remember, your 2015 Flex dollars are Use It or Lose it, so if you have money left over, you can use those tax-free dollars on your procedure this year.

Please take a second and fill out the form below.  It will help give us some information on if you might be a LASIK Custom Vision candidate,  and some information to help you work out how to use your pre-tax Flex Plan dollars.  *Be sure to ask us at your free consultation how you even DOUBLE your FLEX plan savings!*

*Click here to see a breakdown of cost savings from your flex plan


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