$0 Down & 0% Financing for 24 months!We make the cost of LASIK in the Bay Area affordable!

Dr. Simon Says, “LASIK should be affordable to everyone”.  So, unlike other centers that use this offer as a limited promotion, we offer our patients this special financing option every day of the year.

The economy is improving, and the banks are back to lending!  We’re constantly negotiating with lenders to secure our patients the best financing options and terms available anywhere.  We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer qualified patients $0 Down and 0% Financing for 24 months!  That means you can have LASIK Custom Vision – the most technologically advanced LASIK procedure in the US –  tomorrow without spending a penny – leave your wallet at home – and then take two full years to pay!

The Best Part?  Your payments probably aren’t much more than what you’re currently spending on glasses, contacts, solutions and exams!  But in the case of LASIK Custom Vision – once you’re done paying, you’re done paying for good.  Then start saving, because you’ll have no more expense for glasses or contacts!

Use The Money You’re Already Spending On Glasses & Contacts

Financing your LASIK Custom Vision procedure enables you to have the procedure now rather than waiting until you have saved up enough money to pay in full.  And frankly, when you think about it, you’re already paying for LASIK Custom vision right now –  every time you buy a new set of contacts, glasses or contact solution. So why keep throwing money away on the hassles of glasses and contacts when you could be enjoying new vision right now?  Maybe you should think about taking that money and investing it in yourself!

Our $0 Down, 0% payment plans mean you can take the money you were already going to spend on glasses, contacts, exams, solutions, and use it instead to pay for LASIK.

On top of that, we offer guaranteed approval on 0% financing for all our patients, although some folks might need to make a down payment we can get 0% financing for everyone.

Want to get pre-approved for $0 down LASIK?

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