For LASIK use the money you're already spending on contacts and glasses.

Your Goal:  Affordability Without Compromising On Quality

In the Bay Area, the average price for all-laser LASIK with newer technology is $2,500 to $3,000 an eye, including exams and follow-up care. However, you can expect to pay less for LASIK Custom Vision, and to be certain you’re receiving the best possible value, we back it up with our lowest price guarantee.

Understanding Lasik pricing and interpreting the various claims made by different Lasik centers can be a challenge for even the most sophisticated shopper.

Which claims are genuine? Which ones have hidden quality or care issues? How do I get the best value? Do I have to juggle Cost Vs. Quality of Technology?  What does it all mean?

The clues to understanding this mystery can actually be simple by just keeping a few basic marketing principals in mind when evaluating these ads:

“Official Eye Doctor of your Favorite sports team” – Sounds great but you need to know two things; 1) The Lasik practice and doctor is paying for this title and these sponsorships are expensive. 2) the cost of this designation is being passed along to you in higher Lasik fees.

When you hear about big discounts for special study groups you can assume that it’s not really true and your price can actually be higher than others with more advanced technology.

Bottom line – when you compare the cost of a Lasik procedure at different centers make sure you are really comparing apples and apples:

  1. Is it an all laser procedure?
  2. What is the technology being used?  Know your options?
  3. How much experience does the surgeon have doing all laser procedures?
  4. What is the plan for your care, what happens if your vision changes after say 10 years?
  5. Finally, don’t compare the discount, compare your final cost.

Newer technology solves the problems that older technology couldn’t address, so this is really a choice between the best possible outcome or something that could involve unwanted compromises or complications. In other words, instead of the best procedure with the most modern equipment, you’ll receive a watered down version and pay accordingly.

At LASIK Custom Vision we don’t take that approach at all. We still make LASIK affordable but we do it without skimping on the quality of outcome, and we use the most advanced technology available for every patient.

We tailor our packages to suit your follow-up needs instead – reducing elements that may not be needed or desired, and we also provide excellent payment plans. This way you’ll be assured of achieving the best vision possible, and along with our Best Price Guarantee, know that your budget is secure.

  • Guaranteed Best Price For The Right Technology Program. This means we shop all the major centers in town and guarantee that our prices will be better for any given level of technology and follow-up care. When you and Dr. Simon both know what’s needed to provide the vision outcome you expect, we’ll take the price dilemma right out of the equation.
  • No Interest/Low Interest Guaranteed Approval Payment Plans.  You can ALWAYS count on us to offer interest free payment options… not just as a promotion.  Check your payments and get approval online instantly.  Get more details >
  • Flex Plans, Tax Refunds & Payment Plans – we can help you with all of these. By the way Flex Plans are the very BEST way to pay for your LASIK.

Knowing you’re a good LASIK candidate is the first step in the decision-making process. Once that’s out of the way, talk to us about our affordability options and breathe a sigh of relief – LASIK at LASIK Custom Vision really IS affordable!

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