Think 60 is too old for LASIK Custom Vision?  Think Again!


The fact is LASIK works as well on a 60 year old as it does for a 40 year old.

By the time you turn 60, presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses, has already set in.   You might be wearing bifocals, or maybe just dime-store readers.  Additionally, your distance vision might not be as sharp.  LASIK Custom Vision can fine-tune both.

The procedure corrects your vision the same way it would as if you were in your 20s.  The benefit of having the procedure done at this age is that with your presbyopia fully set-in, we can customize a treatment plan that can correct BOTH your distance and up-close vision, for complete independence from both glasses and bifocals/readers!

Cataracts and LASIK Custom Vision

With respect to cataracts, LASIK does not cause or accelerate cataract development.  Cataracts take a long time to progress, and it is just as likely that you develop cataracts at age 85 than it is at age 65.  So if you don’t have cataracts yet, it’s likely that you’ll still have great vision for years.