See Clear Far And Near


LASIK Custom Vision customizes a vision solution to suit your lifestyle, and here’s what to expect after you turn 40.  This is a natural age threshold as it pertains to LASIK, because your 40s is when you typically begin to see the effects of presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses.

It may not have set in yet – you might see fine up-close with your normal prescription.  But over time items such as labels, newspapers and computer screens will become more difficult to see clearly.

If you’re already experiencing changes in your close vision, you’re not alone.  Everyone over 40 will need reading glasses.

As your body ages, the natural lens of your eye loses its flexibility.  This is what causes the need for readers.  Since it is a condition of the lens and not the cornea, it affects everyone; from normal glasses and contact wearers, to people with perfect vision, and even people who received LASIK previously.

Until recently, the only solutions to the loss of reading vision were reading glasses or bifocals.  Thankfully, the newest generation technology of LASIK Custom Vision can help you ditch the readers and leave you completely glasses and contacts free!

Multifocal LASIK Custom Vision

Patients who receive  LASIK Custom Vision for their distance vision will be glasses free until presbyopia sets in.  But there exists an application of the LASIK Custom Vision procedure that can help correct both distance and reading vision.  Called Multifocal LASIK Custom Vision, this exclusive procedure adjusts one eye to see things close up, while the other eye sees things at a distance.   Your brain then balances out the images for a full field of vision.  While this may seem weird, it’s actually the way our normal sight functions, it’s called accommodation and our brain does this all the time.

If you think Mutlifocal LASIK Custom Vision may be an option, we will fit you with trial contacts that will simulate how your vision will be after the procedure.

There are literally thousands of Dr. Simon’s patients who are happily enjoying their MutlifocalLAIK Custom Vision.  However, some people can find it hard to adjust and therefore opt for LASIK Custom Vision to correct only their distance vision.  The good news is we can correct your revisions in both eyes so precisely, that your near vision will be close to perfect anyways.  For those patients, the tradeoff of wearing low-strength dime store readers for clear distance and middle vision is a deal they’re happy to make.

Whatever the case – the goal of LASIK Custom Vision is to customize your vision to suit your lifestyle.  Your result is what maters most, and since the majority of our patients are older than 40, any age is the perfect age to enjoy freedom from glasses and contacts!