There’s a reason why virtually all our patients leave our office uttering the same words:  “I only wish I’d done it sooner…”


Once you realize how easy the procedure really is, and how amazing you’ll see afterwards, you’ll wonder yourself why you waited so long!  Even as early as your twenties – because the simple fact is tha
t the sooner you have LASIK Custom Vision, the longer you’ll get to enjoy it.

Legally you have to be 18 or older to have LASIK.  More importantly, your prescription has to be stable for more than a year, which signifies that your eyes are done changing.  And that’s the perfect time to have LASIK Custom Vision because:

  1. You’ll enjoy your vision longer.  Everyone will develop presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses, sometime during their forties, and everyone will develop cataracts after 65.  Don’t you want to maximize your enjoyment of life during your most formidable years?  Your 20s and 30s are no time to struggle with glasses and contacts – they’re a time to live your life free of them.
  2. You’ll save more money.  Yes, LASIK Custom Vision will save you money over the long-term cost of glasses and contacts.  When you figure the yearly cost for lenses, frames, solutions and doctors visits, every year without them is more money in your pocket.  In fact, it’s been proven that the average twenty-something who has LASIK will enjoy a savings upwards of $15,000 over the long-term expense of lenses.  Or think of it another way – every penny you’re currently paying for glasses and contacts is money you could be using to get out of them!
  3. You’ll have better vision.  That’s right – the vast majority of LASIK Custom Vision patients have vision that is better than they could ever see in contacts.  Plus, your vision will be much clearer – especially at night.
  4. You’ll be free.  Traveling without solutions. Never worrying about losing or ripping a contact.  You can go to sleep when and where you want.  You’ll never lose or break another set of frames.  It’s the way you were meant to live – free and clear.

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