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Are you having trouble with your reading vision?  Do you have difficulty reading labels, menus, newspapers, computer screens and other close-up objects? You’re not alone.  Everyone over 40 will eventually suffer from presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses.

As your body ages, the natural lens of your eye loses its flexibility.  This is what causes the need for readers.  Since it is a condition of the lens and not the cornea, it affects everyone; from normal glasses and contact wearers, to people with perfect vision, and even people who received previous laser vision correction.

Until recently, the only solutions to the loss of reading vision were reading glasses or bifocals.  Thankfully, LASIK Custom Vision offers multiple solutions that can help you ditch the readers and even leave you completely glasses and contacts free for good!

Monovision LASIK Custom Vision

Most patients who receive traditional LASIK Custom Vision will be glasses free until they hit their mid forties, and presbyopia sets in.  But there exists an application of the LASIK Custom Vision procedure that can help correct both distance and reading vision.  Called Monovision, this procedure adjusts one eye to see things close up, while the other eye sees things at a distance.   Your brain then balances out the images for a full field of vision.  While this may seem weird or uncomfortable, it’s actually the way our normal sight functions.

Before you commit to monovision, we will outfit you with a test contact lens to simulate the experience of monovision sight.  Many people love it, but for some it may not feel quite right.  The good news is those latter patients can still get LASIK Custom Vision to correct their distance and middle vision in both eyes, as well as reducing their up close prescription.  The result is someone who is completely free with crystal clear vision to see things far and near; only relying on dime store readers to see the very closest objects clearly.

If you’re in your 40s and would like to discuss your vision correction options in detail, all you need to do is schedule a complimentary consultation with our center.  You’ll get to meet Dr. Simon and our experienced staff, who will educate you on all your options and answer all your questions, so you can make an informed decision on the future of your vision!