✔  Computer controlled all-laser technology (no knives or blades)
✔  Just minutes per eye
✔  Little to no pain
✔  Minimal downtime

If you’re considering LASIK surgery, you undoubtedly want to know if the procedure is going to be painful. This is one of the most common concerns among prospective LASIK patients.

Fortunately, it’s an easy concern to address. LASIK is NOT painful. The surgery is very quick and your eyes are numb throughout the entire process. While it’s possible that you might feel slight pressure during your LASIK procedure, you should not feel any pain. But if you know you want LASIK, and you are still hesitating or delaying your surgery because you are worried about pain, it’s important that you thoroughly understand and recovery to put your mind at ease.

What happens during the LASIK procedure to ensure there is no pain?

Rest assured that there are absolutely no needles used during LASIK. You have the option of taking an oral sedative to take prior to your procedure to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during your surgery. You will also receive numbing drops in your eyes prior to the procedure. Some people experience a mild stinging sensation when the drops are administered, but the stinging subsides in a matter of seconds.

The best part? The entire LASIK procedure takes only minutes. During your LASIK procedure, it’s likely that you will be unaware that the procedure has either started or ended!

Is LASIK Recovery Painful?

Most LASIK patients do not describe their recovery period as painful. In fact, many have very mild recovery symptoms and are able to return to work and their normal daily routine within one or two days following their procedure. The minor discomfort that is experienced by some LASIK patients include the feeling of dry eyes, or mild itching and/or stinging. But these symptoms generally disappear very quickly.

Is a Few Seconds of Slight Pressure Worth It?

Imagine not having to reach for your glasses first thing in the morning in order to see the time on your clock. Or, think about what your life would be like without having to put contact lenses in (and take them out) every single day. When you evaluate how much time and effort you spend on correcting your vision each day, the thought of LASIK seems very appealing.

If the prospect of a painful LASIK procedure is your only concern, you can rest assured that the procedure will not hurt. With state-of-the art technology offered at LASIK Custom Vision, and the expert care of Dr. George Simon, your LASIK procedure will be quick, accurate and easy.