Contact_Lens_Eye_InfectionBelieve it or not, you may have a greater risk of developing an eye infection if you wear contact lenses than if you have LASIK surgery. What to know if you are considering LASIK but are nervous that it might put you at risk for an infection.

How can contact lenses cause an infection?
It is absolutely safe to wear contact lenses, however, there is always a risk of infection when you put a foreign object (e.g. a contact lens) into your eye. Many factors can contribute to a contact lens-related eye infection. A couple of the most common include improper cleaning and/or storage of the lenses, and wearing contact lenses longer than recommended (e.g. sleeping in them at night). While the risk is relatively low, the chance of developing an eye infection as a result of contact lens usage is always a possibility.

Is LASIK surgery a safe alternative?
The chance of experiencing complications due to LASIK surgery is extremely low. In fact, the possibility of suffering from an eye infection as a result of LASIK is much smaller than the chance of getting an infection from contact lenses. LASIK surgery is especially safe when it’s completed in a vision center that offers the most advanced state-of-the-art technology. LASIK Custom Vision only utilizes the most advanced LASIK equipment and when Dr. George Simon performs your surgery, your LASIK results will be better than you ever expected!

Can an Eye Infection Cause Loss of Vision?
In extreme cases, an eye infection can lead to vision loss and possibly other vision-related complications. Therefore, it’s extremely important to do everything possible to avoid the development of an eye infection. People who are diligent about keeping their contact lenses clean are at the lowest risk. An eye infection can be serious. Please talk with Dr. Simon during your next appointment about how to lower your risk of an eye infection.

How can I be sure I get the best possible LASIK results?
If you are considering LASIK surgery because you no longer want to be dependent on contact lenses or glasses for clear vision, it’s important to select a vision center that offers the following:

• An excellent reputation
• An eye surgeon with extensive experience
• A pre-LASIK consultation
• The most current, state-of-the-art laser technology
• 20/20 vision guarantee
• Excellent follow-up care

What’s the best thing about LASIK?
One of the best things about LASIK surgery is that after your su
rgery, you can see clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses. If you are a candidate for LASIK and you currently wear contact lenses, you can completely eliminate your risk of developing a contact lens-related eye infection by undergoing LASIK.

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