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Can LASIK Fix My Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common problem. Most people that have astigmatism suffer from blurry or distorted vision. If you have astigmatism, you probably already know that you have three choices when it comes to treating the problem: 1) eyeglasses, 2) contact lenses, or 3) vision correction surgery. If you choose not to not correct astigmatism, you [...]

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LASIK: Why Price Matters

When it comes to LASIK, price absolutely matters. You've certainly heard the saying, You get what you pay for! at some point during your life. When it comes to LASIK, the same is true. Don't get enticed by radio commercials and internet ads that promote the lowest priced LASIK in town. Beware. The lowest priced [...]

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LASIK After 40

Tired of Reading Glasses? Are you having trouble with your reading vision?  Do you have difficulty reading labels, menus, newspapers, computer screens and other close-up objects? You're not alone.  Everyone over 40 will eventually suffer from presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses. As your body ages, the natural lens of your eye loses its [...]

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Do My Contact Lenses Put Me at a Higher Risk for Infection than LASIK Surgery?

Believe it or not, you may have a greater risk of developing an eye infection if you wear contact lenses than if you have LASIK surgery. What to know if you are considering LASIK but are nervous that it might put you at risk for an infection. How can contact lenses cause an infection? It [...]

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LASIK Custom Vision Procedure & Recovery

✔  Computer controlled all-laser technology (no knives or blades) ✔  Just minutes per eye ✔  Little to no pain ✔  Minimal downtime If you're considering LASIK surgery, you undoubtedly want to know if the procedure is going to be painful. This is one of the most common concerns among prospective LASIK patients. Fortunately, it's an [...]

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FDA Study Confirms Safety & Efficacy Of LASIK

Results recently published by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on a long- awaited comprehensive prospective, multi-center study on the safety and efficacy of LASIK, overwhelmingly reaffirmed LASIK as effective visual solution in terms of both results, and patient satisfaction. The study, spanning multiple years, surveyed patients regarding their visual symptoms and quality of life [...]

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Review of The Many Reasons to Have LASIK

Do you have to reach for your glasses every morning when you wake up just to see the time on the clock that is sitting two feet away from you on your night stand? This is reason enough to consider LASIK Custom Vision. But in addition to not being able to see the time on [...]

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Why Experience Matters In Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

When considering LASIK, it's important to choose a LASIK surgeon who has sufficient overall experience. Many surgeons, and especially the corporate LASIK centers, would lead you to believe that having LASIK is liken to buying a McDonald's hamburger, making claims such as "Over 500,000 procedures performed".  The truth is that these entities are pooling the [...]

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The advantages and disadvantages of LASIK Custom Vision vs. PRK Custom Vision Unfortunately, some people are not LASIK Custom Vision candidates because their corneas are too thin to support the making of a flap for the procedure.  The good news is that we provide an alternative in the form of PRK Custom Vision.  While slightly [...]

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Newer Technology Means More People Are LASIK Candidates

Today's technology now means more people are candidates, so if you've ever been told you're not a candidate, you should get a second opinion.  We can treat even extreme degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and even conditions such as dry eye and keratoconus. Call us today to schedule your free exam!

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