Our Philosophy

You may find yourself both exhilarated and overwhelmed as the decision to invest in Laser Vision Correction comes with many questions:

Which center’s claims are genuine? How do I truly get the best value? What can I do to guarantee my best result? Do I have to juggle Cost Vs. Quality of Technology?

With so many things to consider, making the decision is difficult. After all, it is your vision.

But there’s a reason Simon 2020 Vision Center stands out as the Bay Area’s number one LASIK center: We take all of those questions out of the equation.

At Simon 2020 Vision Center, we believe you should choose your LASIK doctor based on proven experience. Of course we would, considering we do have one of San Francisco’s most experienced LASIK surgeons, Dr. George Simon. He has personally performed over 65,000 vision correction procedures, and has been involved in the development of LASIK technology to where it is today. He has also trained most every other Bay area LASIK surgeon how to perform the procedure, which begs the question: would you rather go to the student? Or the master…

Simon 2020 Vision Center also grants our patients’ access to the most progressive technology available today. Centers have a choice in the type of technology they invest in. Older technology costs less, and therefore they can charge patients less. There’s only one problem: the results aren’t as good.

The best technology solves issues the out-dated technology cant – like how to actually improve the clarity of one’s night vision. Simon 2020 Vision Center is the ONLY Bay Area center that provides LASIK Custom Vision the most advanced all-laser LASIK technology suite, combined with a custom treatment plan suited to your lifestyle. This approach is our only option for our patients – because all that matters is how well you see.

Finally, we want as many people as possible to be the ‘lucky’ ones that can wake up and never have to reach for their glasses to see the alarm clock. That’s why we shop the other centers and adhere to a lowest price guarantee – making sure you’ll never pay a penny more than necessary for the same level of care; because money shouldn’t get in the way of compromising your vision.

At Simon 2020 Vision Center, we promise to give you the vision you desire and the personalized treatment you deserve. Rest assured that Dr. Simon and his team at Simon 2020 Vision Center will do what it takes to bring you the highest possible level of vision.

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