Need Some Reassurance That You’re Making The Right Decision To Have LASIK Custom Vision?

Most of us like to know we’ve made the best choice before we have to put it to the test.  Here’s how we provide reassurance that choosing LASIK Custom Vision is the best decision you can make about your vision:

Price Match Guarantee:

Need Some Reassurance That You're Making The Right Decision To Have LASIK Custom Vision?

The bottom line with LASIK is your results – and your best vision depends on the surgeon’s skill and the technology he uses.  As you research LASIK options, you’re likely to hear so many claims about price that it can become confusing.

Which claims are genuine?  Which ones have hidden quality or care issues?  How do I get the best value?  Do I have to juggle Cost Vs. Quality of Technology? (Low prices offered can sometimes mean a compromise on the standard of technology.)

To help you have confidence that you’re getting the best VALUE, LASIK Custom Vision provides a Price Match Guarantee. This means we shop all the major LASIK centers in the Bay Area, and guarantee that our prices will be better for the same level of LASIK Custom Vision technology.

0% Financing* – Not just as a promotion but offered all the time!

0% payment plans essentially mean you can take the money you were already going to spend on glasses, contacts, exams, solutions, and use it instead to pay for LASIK!  – depending on your credit, getting approved for financing can cause some anxiety.  That’s why we work closely with you to find an interest free financing program that suits your budget so you don’t have to worry about anything other than the sunglasses you’re going to buy the day after your procedure!

* Most people are approved for 0% interest and $0 down, although some folks might need to make a down payment and have a checking account for automatic monthly payments we work for you to get the best payment plan possible. At your free consultation we’ll help you apply right then and there and send you home with the assurance that you’re financially covered and that your LASIK is truly affordable.

Experience Guarantee:

When choosing a LASIK surgeon, you want to have confidence that your surgeon has the experience and knowledge to deliver you your best possible result.  More experience means a higher likelihood that your surgeon has encountered a person with similar visual issues as yours, and developed a successful treatment plan for that person.  An experienced surgeon has seen everything, and can pull from that knowledge the elements needed to develop the best treatment plan to deliver you your best visual result after LASIK.

Dr. George Simon is among the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the Bay Area.  He performed the very first refractive (vision correction) procedure in California, and in fact has trained most of the other Bay Area surgeons how to perform LASIK.  Simply put, we guarantee you will be in the hands of one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Northern California.