Dr. George V. Simon is Among The Bay Area’s Most Experienced LASIK Surgeons.

Dr. George SimonSo Why Does Experience Matter So Much When Choosing A LASIK Surgeon?

There is absolutely a need to choose a LASIK surgeon who has sufficient experience to trust with your vision.  Not only will an experienced LASIK surgeon have passed through the ‘learning curve,’ the most experienced ones can provide an additional level of correction and predictability with your result not seen with lesser qualified surgeons.

For example, would you rather go to the surgeon who only does LASIK part of the time, mixing in other refractive and general ophthalmology treatments, or the surgeon who consistently performs 30 or more LASIK procedures a month, and consistently achieves exceptional results with every one of his patients? Which one would you trust to provide you with the better outcome?  Plus the more experienced a LASIK surgeon is, the better likelihood that they have successfully corrected the vision of someone just like you. You see, everyone’s vision is unique, and therefore we all need a customized treatment plan to give us our very best lens-free vision possible.  The most experienced surgeons can pull from their vast knowledge of prior LASIK treatments to customize an individual plan for your specific vision, that will achieve better results than standard LASIK alone.

Long time Bay Area resident, Dr. George Simon has been a respected Board Certified Bay Area Ophthalmologist since 1975. He is nationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of Refractive Surgery, performing the first RK procedure in the state of California in 1980 while his office was located in Concord. From that point forward, his specialty has been LASIK Vision Correction and Refractive Surgery. Naturally, he has always been on the leading edge of LASIK worldwide. Having performed more than 85,000 LASIK and PRK procedures, he is considered to be among the most experienced and accomplished LASIK Refractive Surgeon in the Bay Area.

Dr. Simon’s judgment, coupled with his LASIK experience is the basis utilized to determine the laser correction, to achieve the optimum visual outcome, for each and every one of his patients. LASIK Custom Vision combines this expertise with the most powerful and technologically advanced laser platforms, WaveLight and Wavefront guided lasers, available anywhere in the US  to customize each patient’s vision to fit their individual lifestyles.

In addition to his Refractive Surgical expertise, Dr. Simon is a highly skilled and experienced Cataract Surgeon and has personally performed over 10,000 cataract procedures.   His specialized training,  surgical proficiency and appreciation of facial anatomy also enables him to perform a wide range of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeries including blepharoplasties, (repair of baggy eyelids).  These skills coupled with his artistry allow him to tailor non-invasive facial rejuvenation services (Botox and Juvederm fillers) to his LASIK patients that request these procedures.

Amongst Dr. Simon’s many professional accomplishments, Dr, Simon received his JD degree from John F. Kennedy Law School in 1993 and is a member of the California State Bar Association.

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