At LASIK Custom Vision, we take pride in knowing there are simply no compromises when it comes to providing the very best in vision care for our patients.

Your care is our only priority.

We provide eye care and vision correction services with an emphasis on quality and the best visual outcomes. In addition to general ophthalmology, we offer our patients the latest surgical options for vision correction, including the most advanced LASIK Custom Vision technology, to give our patients what they truly want: great vision with no lenses!

Do you find yourself dreaming of perfect vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts?

At LASIK Custom Vision, we want to help change the way you see your world… through crystal clear eyes.

Our goal is to help you achieve the visual results of your dreams. As the Bay Area’s Only LASIK Custom Vision center, our team will work with you to customize a treatment plan that suits your individual visual needs and goals, to enhance your vision as best fits your lifestyle. The result is personally spectacular useful vision, and a dramatically improved quality of life. With locations in Concord and Foster City, LASIK Custom Vision is an easy commute from Walnut Creek and other Bay Area communities.

To Us, You Are A Celebrity.

Some LASIK Centers have ‘celebrity’ endorsers – that got paid a celebrity talent fee. At LASIK Custom Vision, our care speaks for itself. There’s no velvet rope: every one of our patients gets hands-on boutique levels of care and consideration.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and the personalized approach we have with all of our patients. Whether you are a candidate for LASIK or another form of vision correction, we will provide a tailored five-star experience, while at the same time optimizing your visual treatment plan to match your unique lifestyle, and the result is the vision of your dreams.

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