What to Expect During Your Lasik or PRK Procedure

Lasik Custom Vision is painless! The entire all laser eye procedure takes about 10 minutes, for both eyes, and the results are often amazing!. You are offered a mild sedative to help you relax, but you will remain alert and comfortable during the procedure.

Before the LASIK procedure, antibiotic drops and a topical anesthetic (“numbing drops”) will be applied to the eyes. You will then be escorted into the Laser Suite. A special instrument, called a lid speculum, will keep the operative eye open during the procedure. The fellow eye will be taped shut during the procedure. A sterile patient packet is used to interface the operative eye with the IntraLase FS. Using a cool laser beam, the IntraLase will create a “flap”. Dr. Simon will lift the flap and perform the actual vision correction procedure using one of our 5 on-site scanning excimer lasers. The actual vision correction takes approximately 5 to15 seconds, depending on the excimer laser used and the type and amount of correction required.

Before leaving our office, we will review all post op medications and Dr. Simon will check your eyes to ensure good flap position and to answer any final questions you may have.

Precautions After Surgery

Once the LASIK Custom Vision procedure is completed, patients are advised to go home and rest, keeping your eyes closed as much as possible for the remainder of the day. It is very important that you do not rub or squeeze your eyes for up to 6 weeks following your procedure. Antibiotic medication and lubricating eye drops will be prescribed. Protective eyewear should be worn for several days. You should plan on wearing eye shields when you are resting or sleeping and sunglasses when you’re awake. Activities that strain the eyes – reading, watching television and working at the computer – should be kept to a minimum. You will have a follow-up appointment the day after surgery.

While each person’s comfort level may differ, you may experience mild side effects that include tearing, sensitivity to bright lights and a feeling of “scratchiness”. Your vision may be somewhat hazy at first, but within a few days, these side effects should disappear. You can enjoy your normal activities with dramatically improved vision!

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