What Is LASIK Custom Vision?

LASIK Custom Vision is our exclusive all-laser procedure that corrects a wide range of refractive errors to effectively “customize” your vision to best fit your specific lifestyle.  From the beginning of refractive surgery, our specialty, our focus is customized laser vision correction. We are committed to providing our patients only the most progressive laser vision technology available today, assuring you the very best results. That’s why we promise that every patient who walks through our doors will only receive what is the latest, most scientifically successful all-laser LASIK procedure to date.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver individualized attention and a treatment plan that will bring customized results to match your lifestyle. Through the use of the most advanced LASIK technology, we have the ability to ensure results that will far exceed your expectations.

Led by Dr. George Simon, one of the Bay Area’s most experienced refractive surgeons, you’ll rest assured with confidence in our ability to provide an outstanding combination of highly skilled vision care experts, cutting-edge medical technology and superior customer service. All of which result in an experience, and a visual result, that far succeeds your expectations.

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