Our LASIK Results

The most important thing anyone interested in LASIK wants to know is, “What results can I expect from treatment?”

LASIK Custom Vision tracks and documents our results on a consistent basis, and shares that information with the public. As one of only a handful of centers in the country that do this, that makes us the exception, not the rule.

A virtually painless procedure with incredible proven success, LASIK Custom Vision is truly the unique leader in laser vision correction. The LASIK Custom Vision procedure can improve astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness through 100% bladeless technology that takes a revolutionary approach to laser vision correction.

Through a reshaping of the cornea, Dr. George Simon has the ability to completely eliminate your dependence on both glasses and contact lenses through LASIK Custom Vision correction.

Dr. Simon has personally performed over 75,000 procedures and is considered by his peers as both a leader and innovator in the field of laser vision correction. After a six-month visual acuity study at LASIK Custom Vision, 100% of patients were able to pass their driving test without corrective lenses, with the vast majority ending up with visual acuity that was better than the standard of 20/20! Thanks to technology these days, eagle eyed vision truly is achievable!