‘Custom LASIK’ is not Custom Vision.

Let’s set the record straight.  When you hear someone talking about ‘Custom LASIK,’ they are NOT referring to LASIK Custom Vision.  ‘Custom LASIK’ is a marketing term that was developed by the technology manufacturers to describe Wavefront Technology.  Indeed, Custom LASIK is better than traditional LASIK, because Wavefront Technology provides a 3D mapping of the unique characteristics of your corneal surface to be factored into your treatment, thereby providing more ‘customized’ results suited to your eye’s shape.

LASIK Custom Vision takes it a step further.  By possessing both the Wavefront Guided VISX Star S4, and Wavefront Optimized Allegretto Wave Eye-Q lasers, Dr. Simon can customize a treatment plan for your vision that takes into consideration an even wider range of factors.  Factors such as how your visual characteristics best fit the strengths of each laser, and how your lifestyle – i.e. what you do for a living and what you enjoy to do in your time off – contribute to your goal of having the best vision for you.

The result is an exclusive approach to LASIK treatment we call LASIK Custom Vision – and the results are spectacular.  By integrating such a deeper level of analysis and customization into your treatment plan, LASIK Custom Vision is capable of providing visual results that are vastly superior to the national average results of other centers, to the tune of a 100% success rate, and most often vision that exceeds 20/20 in it’s clarity and focus.

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