Awaken To A Bright, New World!

Day 1 Post-op: The first moments when folks open their eyes the morning after LASIK are often the most startling and memorable. We call this the alarm clock factor when you realize you can read the time without any lenses.

  • Although the most dramatic improvement to your vision is reached by this first day after your procedure, you can expect some minor fluctuations and improvements over the following weeks as the cornea settles down.
  • You’ll come back to see us on this day for your first post-op check and then it’s over to you to test-drive your new lens-free vision. This is a good reason for having your LASIK on a Friday so you’ve got the whole weekend for going “Wow!” Well, I never!” “This is amazing!” “Oh, my gosh, I can see EVERYTHING!”

The following week: We’ll give you antibiotic eye drops to help the healing process and artificial tears to keep your eyes irrigated. We’ll advise you to treat yourself to a good pair of sunglasses, avoid eye make-up, contact sports, and water or dusty environments.

The general rule for the first month post-op is to observe sensible precautions, and you’ll have a short list of Do’s and Don’ts to ensure optimum healing.

At the end of that month you’ll come back to see us for your one-month post op. We’re happy to see you at anytime but weekly checks are not necessary and you’ll be busy enjoying your new vision.

Lifetime commitment

Why is this important? There are two reasons:

Fine tuning: The cornea is living tissue and healing patterns differ from person to person and much depends on their age when the procedure is performed. Occasionally, once the healing process is done, it is desirable to fine tune the results of the initial procedure. This is perfectly normal and termed an ‘enhancement.’

Changes due to aging: Everyone’s vision changes over time, with most changes occurring within the first 20 years of life. However, for some folks these changes can continue into their 50s and 60s following the same genetic patterns that first produced their myopia or hyperopia. Again, the remedy is usually a simple enhancement which is free or low cost if you choose one of our packages that includes a Lifetime Commitment.

If you have further questions about our Lifetime Commitment, we’ll answer them thoroughly when you come in for your Free Consultation.

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